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La Torre Inclinada (campanario)


The foundation stone of the Belltowerwas laid during the Festival of the Assumption on 9 August 1173. Whereas it is possible to trace theauthors autogaphs in the other monuments in the square, the Belltower is not signed; a particulary curious note that adds to the centuries-old debate regarding its original author and on the first decade of the costruction of the Belltower; tha name of its first designers were however Rainaldo,Guglielmo and the same Bonanno Pisano.

In 1185 the first subsidence of the foundations occurred and its subsequent incline that led to a century-long block in the construction works. The continuation was entrusted to giovanni di Simone who,in that same period, had worked on the church of San Francesco with its hazardous belltower.

The great architect demonstrated extraordinary skills in limiting the consequences of the degree of incline and thus works continued until 1284,the date of the naval defeat at Meloria. The seventh and final ring on the Belltower,including the bell chamber,was designed and produced by Tommaso Pisano around the mid 14th century.

Torre Pendente

Dirección: Piazza del Duomo
Tel. 050560547
Fax. 050560505
Dirección de correo electrónico:
Horario: invierno, 9-17; verano, 8-20 (visita cada media hora para grupos de no más de 40 personas)
Precio de la entrada: 15 euros
Acceso para personas con discapacidad física: no


La torre Inclinada de Pisa


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