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Events in Pise

The Battle of the Bridge (il Gioco del Ponte)

This traditional play has it's first certamen the 22nd of February of 156gioco del ponte pisa8. The battle consisted in the conquest of the "bridge" from one of the 2 team composed from 20 strong man. The team was called Tramontana and Mezzogiorno and represents the different and rival part of the city.
In the origin the groups have a direct meeting in the middle of the bridge, now there is a machine that works as an Ariete and that have the function of move the adverser as far as possible from the center of the bridge. Wins the team which can have all the bridge in his possession.

Where: Ponte di Mezzo
When: last Sunday of June

Historical paraded (Parata Storia)parata storica

Before the beginning og the Battle of the Bridge, around the Lungarnithere is a "historical paraded". There are about 709 people in historical clothes which arrives from the different part of Pise in 2 groups of 314 people. A third group, composed by 81 people is the one of the judges. The meta, for all them is Ponte di Mezzo.

Where: Lungarno around Ponte di Mezzo
When: last Sunday of June

luminaraLuminara of San Ranieri

The night before the celebration of Saint Ranieri, Pise Patron, the Lungarni were light up fom 70,000 little candle that desighed the silhouette of the palace open on the Arno river.

Where: Lungarno and Palace close
When: 16th of June

palio pisaRegata and Palio of San Ranieri

Fot the San Ranieri , Patron of Pise, day long the river Arno there is a Regatta organized by the 4 districts of Pise: Santa Maria, San Francesco, San Martino, Sant'Antonio. To win the competition the man of the ship have to reach a boat and climb up a rope to take the "Paliotto" a little flag.
The last one crew will receive two gosling.

Where: Arno River
When: 17th of June

regataRegatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics

Every four years, Pise hosts the traditional contest among the boats of the four ancient Maritime Republics: Pise, Venice, Amalfi, Genoa. The opening historic parade with 320 persons in historical dresses retells the main Middle Age historical events of the four towns.

Where: Arno River
When: June

Pise's New Year's Day

According to the tradition Pise celebrates the New Year at moon of 25th of Marc and the last of the Year the night of 24th

Where: Arno River
When: 25th of March